Awaken Your 0-3year child’s Innate Genius & Potential With 10mins Playful Parenting.

A step-by-step guided program to optimize your child’s brain and mind power without any stress with scientifically curated play-learn technique.

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Years Of Practical Experience

LIVE session by Genius Baby Coach Pooja S

Learn how 80% of Your Babies Personality & Intelligence is Designed in First 3 Years of Life


IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED YES THEN THIS MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU, learn how you can nurture the geniuses your child is born with in just 10mins daily while you bond and enjoy with your child

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Benefits Of 10 Mins Playful Parenting

5-Dimensional Growth

Success Is Success Only When It is Holistic. Your baby Needs a Strong Foundation in every area of Life.

Photographic Memory

Stimulation of right brain with image training and photographic memory will help in whole brain development.

Optimized 5 Senses

We can experience the external world only through our 5 senses, enhanced 5 senses equal to deeper experience of the world around.

Higher Order Skills

Your baby has the capabilities equal to the greatest of the great personalities’ world has seen, they need your help to convert these capabilities to higher order skills.

Love For Learning

Life long learning is Master Key to all Success, when children develop love of learning as their core value, you have certainly done a good job in setting them to achieve greater heights in life

Joyful Parenting Experience

We all enter this beautiful journey of parenting to enjoy this very special relationship and keeping that intact while experiencing massive growth together is most important .

In the 3 days Masterclass,
you will learn

Total Value: 14,999


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Vision Chart Blueprint

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About Me

Hi, I’m Pooja S, On a Mission to Help 100,000 New Parents Nurture Genius and Joyful Babies, to Raise a Generation of Children Living by Their Peak Potential and Becoming Champions of Life.

I am a mother of 2 daughters, a wife to a loving husband, and a girl who failed in her 5th grade to later stood 3rd in the entire state in engineering. I have seen both failures and success at their peak while growing up and with my experience, I learned that Every Child Is Born for excellence, waiting for an opportunity to get the right tools and techniques to bring out their Inner Genius. If they get the opportunity as babies, they will surely be set for massive success with ease.

With over 10 years of experience, research, studying early childhood development, and working with parents closely I have seen magical outcomes for children when we worked with them in the first few years of life. While every parent wants to give the best for their children, very few understand the intensity of 0 to 3 years. As a working mother I understand the overwhelm and time crunch new parents go through. I founded Nurturing Genius TM and curated the 10mins Playful Parenting Method so that new parents can give that opportunity to their babies for tapping into the power of their innate capabilities before the window is closed at 3 years, while bonding and creating magical moments.

Pooja S

Founder @ Nurturing Genius

Every Child Is born with the same number of brain cells(neurons), then why as grown-ups some are more successful than others?

It all depends on the experiences they go through during formation of their brains neural network.

Raise a Genius and Joyful Baby

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Growth

It is Been Great Experience, Learning a Lot. I am looking forward for trying these techniques with by son.

    Anusha Surepeddi
    Anusha Surepeddi


    Lots of things that we think that we know but there is lot more to learn and lot of it we don’t implement. Thanks for highlighting those.

      Rajas Mhatre
      Rajas Mhatre

      CEO Bciaga

      Magical Session. Getting a clarity and road map of what I want for my baby & how can I achieve it.

        Avani and Ganesh Iyer
        Avani and Ganesh Iyer


        This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer,
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        STARTS  2nd Nov 2022, Wednesday @ 06.00 PM

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