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Lea Stublarec, MSW
Certified Parent Coach


elcome to Nurturing Genius. I’ve worked with families for over 20 years as a social worker, parent coach and researcher, but my most rewarding and challenging job EVER was raising my two daughters (ages 23 and 25). As a mother of gifted children, I felt like I was “flying blind” trying to meet their unique educational, social and emotional needs. This situation was only made worse by mixed messages from teachers and parents of non-gifted kids. On one hand, I was told: “All kids are gifted” (and, therefore, my child shouldn’t be given any special consideration) and, conversely that: “Your child is so bright, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” However, the reality, especially for my exceptionally gifted older child, was that, in my heart, I knew that things weren’t perfect….that she had special needs I was unable to meet. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t find a positive learning environment for her or adequately address her social and emotional issues. I often felt isolated and helpless, and worried a lot about how I was failing as a parent.

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Fortunately, we somehow survived, using a piecemeal approach, desperately seeking out various counselors, therapists, and a few caring educators as issues and crises arose during different developmental stages…..but I realized that having the support of a parent (AND a professional) who’s “been there and done that”, openly sharing their wisdom, support and encouragement as well as providing information on giftedness would have been a God-send. Therefore, this is my mission: to let you, as a parent of a gifted child, know that you’re not alone, that parenting gifted kids can be very fun but, at times, extremely challenging, and that, working together, we can achieve your dreams. My goal is to empower you as a parent and create more joy on your parenting journey. Your happiness and satisfaction as a parent are critical to both your growth and the growth of your child.